Welcome to the Light-O-Rama Helpdesk

Help Desk tickets will have slower response times from July 11 through July 18 while the majority of our staff attends and travels to/from the Christmas Expo in Biloxi, Mississippi. Phone support will not be available during this time. Thank you for your patience.


How to Open a Ticket

Please be as detailed as possible when asking your question - about what's wrong AND what you've already done to troubleshoot.

  • If you are having HARDWARE OR EQUIPMENT issues, be sure to tell us exactly what equipment you have so we can help resolve the issue faster.
  • If you are having SOFTWARE issues, be sure to tell us what version of software you are using (which can be found in the upper left corner of any program).
Only one question at a time on the help desk, please. Do not submit duplicate tickets on the same issue. Tickets submitted on the weekends and evenings (outside of business hours) will have a delay in response time.

Online Communities and Support

In November & December, we get dozens of help desk tickets per hour. The Light-O-Rama user community is a great resource (and you might get a faster answer during those times!)

Official Light-O-Rama forum

Official Facebook Group

Thank you for being a Light-O-Rama customer (or a potential one)!