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Here are the most common questions this month.  Click the links for an immediate answer:  
My Controllers Don't Respond                     Reset Your Controller
Software License Levels Typical Setups
Network Speeds Set Unit ID
Video Tutorials On-Line Help
Product Manuals Firmware
DMX and E1.31 Pixel Editor Basics
Pixie Trees setup with Pixel Editor I Don't Have Time to Sequence
Got a HUGE Project! New Smart Pixel Controllers

Here are other common questions:
♦  How do I setup Pixel Editor to use my new Pixie Tree? Read this document.
♦  I need my software license key
Click here for software License Key help.
♦  The LOR-PixCon16 is a bit overwhelming DMX and E1.31 setup for pixel control.
♦  I've got a Light-O-Rama controller but that's it.  What else do I need?
♦  Can my controller operate in standalone mode?  Standalone capable controllers.
♦  I'm having trouble programming my Cosmic Color Device.  Please help!
  Read the enhanced programming guide.  
♦  I need to renew my software license  We can help.
♦  I need the latest Windows driver for my USB485 converter It's at the bottom of this page.
♦  How do I upgrade my software?  It's easy.
♦  I want to get the SuperStar add-onClick here.
♦  What is the Pixel EditorPixel Editor information
♦  Other Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQs.  

In a super-big hurry?  You might checkout our on-line user community.  Start at the official Light-O-Rama forum.
Only one question at a time on the help desk, pleaseIt's easier for us to spot trends.

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